Sunday, August 14, 2011

No Mercy Here

They burned under mercy
when suspicion ruled and courts were cruel
willed to sleep when the black soaked in
and candles flamed
as each night tore another sin
silence soared the untamed green
no mercy here among the savage screams
those innocent souls
whose voice they told
no mercy here
I told you so
they spoke
they rose
from ashes of rage
and ultimate smoke

Strong Morphine Please

Lost my faded red lighter
can't believe I might have lost her
Just shoot me now, I can't go on
she was always there for me
and my funny little tantrums
Oh God someone save me!
from the flood, the wreck the fire
from every god damn disaster
I think I'm sinking, burning alive
in my own personal hell
my own foolish desires
quick call the doctor
someone stole my only friend
which was indeed my faded red lighter
is this place getting smaller
because it's getting hard to breathe
make me forget
strong morphine please

Flames For Breakfast

I found a red door
I've never seen before
I followed until the dawn awoke
we all unlock to become then not
What a place dark and subtle
whispers chanting harsh and little
a small smile I sank into
within a space I thought I knew
I'm not all there, I must confess
Flames for Breakfast?
Everyday I rise with the rest
and smoke a unlit cigarette
out of the place I'll soon forget
I'll fly away, too soon to nest

The Healing Realm

Come on in to another
I'm not a saint, but I've gone no farther
don't delay the healing motion
no don't delay, we're losing patience
come on in from isolation
take everything in moderation
just another question to
the lost soul who stands beside you

Here take my hand, I'll lead you over
we're almost there, i'ts not much farther
we're going under beyond and over
don't look back it's now or never
the pain will soon release

Come and in and take a friend
to this place where madness ends
a perfect feeling will so set in
you'll rise above and fall again
look around we're so far gone
into this place ewe don't belong
such an easy way to be
nothing is what is seems

Can you believe this feelings mine
ignore the do not enter sign
way beyond the realm of time
is way we roam out on the line
ever closer to disaster
farther from the present danger
soon we'll be above their laughter
so much farther from being sober

Here take my hand, I'll lead you over
We're almost there, it's not much farther
we're going under beyond and over
don't look back, it's now or never
the pain will soon release


I want to be a positive influence in this world
and pull good karma towards my skin
however the other force
the negative one
is a tornado that will pull you in and take you down
with every inch of it's gruesome power
and you will go down with a violent smack!
it's malice is only self serving
and to no other end will you become

Useless Pack Of Reds

Emerald Blue, shes walking through
broken pieces of her youth
she'll never ask that of you
have you seen her latest scheme?
she's getting back her beliefs
now she only hears the dark
it's always had a way with her
she has always had a way with words
Emerald Blue she'll see right through
everything you ever do
I'm sitting here among her mess
haven't had my needed cigarette
waiting for a flame to catch
upon it's tip of bitter sweetness
just a little nicotine fit
can't seem to find some matches
such a useless pack of reds
sitting here among her darkness
whatever happened, use to know an Emerald Blue

Uncomfortable Bed

Lovely binding winding words
release their strength of scheming curse
weaving and twisting through gruesome trails
writhing indecent upon grit and nails
is this the bed I've slaved for sleep?
Or where sadness go to weep?
this transformed new
damned and fated desire of mine
held and debated through unfaltering time