Monday, February 7, 2011

Razor Blades For Beautiful Creature

It's beautiful this creature and me
we sit in silence grasping air and appease the darkness willingly
the deepness of the tone rolls on like crashing waves relenting its drawn
the ethereal voice creeps in
your good deed will soon arise
shoot out
shoot up
then compromise
the steady drum rolls on then stalls
what will creature bring to me?
a thought
a spark
a memory
a place to crawl in when my tide is high
or razorblades instead of lies

Places, Places everyone
the prisoners enlightenment has just begun
creature beckons my soul to arise
stand up open your unopened mind
beautiful creature what have you done?
I have brought razor blades of truth sweet hun
What cruel truth will creature tell?
the ones you buried in your yourself
Whose thoughts and memories are these I ask?
my dear ghostly girl they are your past
for this is the hour of your reason
nothing here is out of season
fiery and fierce your will must be
do not be tempted by its misery
these growing pains must be held
they hold the keys to unlock your cell
beautiful creature how much will this hurt?
gut wrenching and painful so a little a first

China Doll

I pull on the vines
Bring them close to my chest
I wrap them around my carcass
please don't fall apart now
I put myself back together
like a broken china doll
a million shards of porcelain surround me
I gather up increments of others lives
there is life in these bones
I breathe in the transient waves
of their vines, their thoughts
into my own china doll
I repaint her tiny eyes
so that they remain open, aware and wide
to see her mistakes
I put them into her mouth
forgive yourself I say!
she smiles and swallows