Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lost In A Walk

Walking outside again, a breeze kisses your face and sways the trees you see along side of you. You notice the detailed gondola across the way, without a doubt as old as the church it's next to. Grand canals await peacefully in the warm sun, soaking up the stream of rays that shred the daylight, piercing your skin with soft radiance. At night thousands of lights are the water's eyes in that greet you as you pass. The water looks like a door to heaven, as you peer at it with an amazed look. It is a seamlessly endless place with wonder and excitement crawling around each corner. In the streets a beautiful melody seeps though the darkness and your ears writhe to listen. A harmony of voices joins in to temp and arouse your senses. You follow as if in a trance to see the mystery, you are enveloped by the music, it overpowers you as you float down the sidewalk, aimlessly unaware of everything around you.

You approach a library. Inside there are brilliantly light portraits lined on each wall, newly polished and cleaned but obviously old and delicate to the touch. Tall shelves with withering books you swear will fall apart just by the gleam in your eyes. History and intrigue  drip from the ceiling, lashing out at your curious mind and fascinated movements as you stand in awe in the immense world you have just fell into. Dark hallways that whisper and scream the ancient rituals of yesterday, capture your thoughts and dreams as you walk away inspired.

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