Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Silence

DId my words not make it though
are they ocean waves crashing so loud you did not hear?
or quicksand swallowing each word until they don't exist
should I scream or retreat into a small place of fear?
should I whisper softly like a distant dream upon which you wake and ponder it's meaning?
If they fall like leaves in autumn through cracks and tears
do they rise like ashes floating aimlessly through the air

you look through me like glass
I stare at you as you pass
shouting screaming words you can not hear
into the distance they reappear
slipping under this wall you have
like liquid they leave
i fear i will fade
far away like space
how far will I drift until you notice I'm gone?
I wish I was as beautiful as you wanted
am I silence in front of your wide eyes....

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